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St. Nicholas

With its detailed pre-war facade, St. Nicholas in Harlem exudes a classic, of-a time New York vibe. With Fairstead’s 2019 renovation, the eight-story affordable property exudes a more modern vibe too. The company’s commitment to sustainability can be seen throughout the property. Energy Star™ appliances, lowflow fixtures and lighting upgrades grace each unit. Steam traps and LVT flooring were installed; boilers were tuned up; pipes, roof, and exterior walls were insulated. Elevators and stairwells have been upgraded as well.

Sometimes, though, the motivation for a particular upgrade is less obvious, if no less dramatic. When Fairstead acquired this property, one of the first tasks on its design-and-construction to do list was to replace a harsh-seeming, institutional front door with a more-welcoming residential one. A doorway announces to the outside world and residents alike that a building contains homes and not just places where people stay.

Similarly, at ground level Fairstead’s concern for the community, a guiding principle for the company, is evident in the responsibility it feels to keep the retail spaces of St. Nicholas occupied with useful residents, regardless of competing financial incentives.

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