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Forest Hill Terrace Apartments

After acquiring this UFAS-accessible, senior-living property, Fairstead extended its Section
8 status before embarking on a targeted remodeling program. In keeping with Fairstead’s
commitment to sustainability, the renovation work introduced a host of eco-friendly
upgrades, including energy-efficient appliances, and proactive water and boiler monitoring..

But a lot happens at Forest Hill Terrace Apartments that doesn’t involve work orders and
tools. In July 2021, for example, the residents were invited to hear a representative of the
mayor’s office discuss job opportunities for people over 55 years old. Around the same
time, a local health organization dropped by to host an entertaining taco-and-bingo
event. This snapshot is a fair representation of Fairstead’s commitment to providing every
opportunity for residents to live their best lives. Toward that end, an in-house social
services team has instituted programs such as free monthly health screenings, food
services, and in-home assistance.

Fairstead has also assumed on-the-ground, day-to-day management duties at Forest
Hill Terrace, allowing our team to apply the company’s elevated standards of property
upkeep and customer service.

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