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Federation Gardens

Federation Gardens was built in the timelessly iconic style of South Florida. Having gained a Section 8 extension for the property, Fairstead will preserve that style — and, more important, the affordable comfort it provides its senior residents — for the next 40 years.

That responsibility began with a $53.2M plan that has touched each of the property’s 161 apartments. Recently completed in-unit renovations included the installation of electronic-ignition ranges, energy-efficient refrigerators and microwaves, kitchen exhausts, and low-flow bathroom fixtures. To a similar end, the common area now features LED lighting upgrades. There’s been a much-needed refresh to communal amenities such as the gym, community room, and library as well.

That said, Fairstead sees its responsibility as more far reaching than capital improvements. As is standard company practice, the social services team has also introduced a robust program to revitalize the community, from education programs to health awareness, meal programs to assisted-care opportunities.

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